The Design Process

Our design process is to ensure that the needs and visionsĀ of our clients are successfully translated into reality and that they will have a satisfying experience working with us.

  • 01 - Free, in-home consultation

    General contractor meets you to provide you with ideas and advice, and take measurements and photos of the site to develop a price estimate and design options.

  • 02 - Free, Price Estimate

    An estimate customized to your project in design and material selection is emailed to you for review. An extensive client referral list is also provided with the estimate.

  • 03 - Review Contract Agreement

    Upon acceptance of the estimate, you will receive a contract agreement to review. If requested, adjustments to contract agreement can be made.

  • 04 - Sign Contract

    Upon acceptance of the contract agreement, you and the general contractor will meet to sign the contract, and a copy of the design/drawing will be provided if applicable.

  • 05 - Product Procurement

    Our general contractor, Suzette, will assist you with material selection (e.g. flooring, countertops, wall colours) from recommended suppliers.

  • 06 - Preparation for Construction

    Drop sheets and plastics will be placed in your home prior to construction, to minimize dust spreading throughout your home.

  • 07 - Renovation Begins

    A schedule will be provided, letting you know which subcontractors will be arriving on what days and the work progress. The job site will also be left organized at the end of each day.

  • 08 - Project Management

    Project manager will visit the project site on a daily basis to meet with subcontractors and ensure everything is going according to plan.

  • 09 - Post Renovation Cleaning

    Upon completion, your new space will be cleaned and move-in ready for you!

  • 10 - Post Customer Service

    We provide a 1 year warranty. If any issues arise within one year, you
    will need to contact the contractor and deficiencies will be addressed