Our Story

Basement reno
Stone fireplace

Established in 2002, Germano Creative Interior Contracting Ltd. has grown to specialize in basement, kitchen, and bathroom renovations and remodeling. We have dedicated ourselves to designing, planning, and renovating 100’s of basements, kitchens, and bathrooms of quality workmanship that are customized to our clients’ specific needs and lifestyles.

Germano Creative’s strengths lie in its creativity in design, knowledge in construction done right, project management skills, and effective communication with clients and subcontractors. These strengths enable us to provide our clients with an enjoyable experience, while resting their worries on Germano Creative to smoothly run the renovation process from start to finish.

Our Mission


Germano Creative’s primary investment is our clients’ needs by ensuring that every renovation process results in a pleasant experience for our clients and a beautifully designed space of excellent workmanship that is customized to their needs and lifestyles.

Kitchen design